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Boosting Immune Health with Essential Oils

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The healing and protective power of essential oils are many. 

I have been using them in session for years to effect change with my clients. 

A few years ago, I breathed black mold and it settled in my lungs and began breeding. I was able to kill it off completely slathering myself in essential oils (especially rosemary & eucalyptus) also by drinking lots of hot lemon, cayenne, honey, ginger water and adding plenty of cinnamon to my diet. 

These days, I use a spray blend of several anti viral oils during session to keep the air purified as an added COVID precaution. 

Warming a few drops of rosemary in the hands and breathing it in deeply through the nose and then applying to the upper chest acts as a barrier for the respiratory. To atomize, spray, or apply oils regularly fills the olfactory system (nose) which stimulates and invigorates immune health. Plus it is quite pleasurable to take in these aromas. Adding more of the kitchen herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano that the oils are derived from will boost the immune system as will drinking lemon water. Fresh Cinnamon in oatmeal or coffee will also boost us and aid digestion in the event we are challenged by "digesting current life experiences" Some essential oils are safely digested and can be used internally and added to water such as lemon or peppermint. 

Make essential oil application/diffusing a sacred time, honoring the body and its miraculous ability to protect and heal us and giving thanks to the plants for sharing their medicine. Get your essential oil flirt on.

For a complimentary wellness consultation please contact me at (916) 541-8232.

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