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About Grace

Grace Arielle, LCMT is a Holistic Somatic Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Reiki Master, Workshop Facilitator, and Published Author who has been devotionally serving the healing and wellness needs of Sacramento and beyond for 19 years. She integrates a cornucopia of techniques in body/mind healing including energy work, massage, aromatherapy, counseling, and deep presence.


Grace believes the body speaks in every moment, illuminating the roadmap to what is needed to create transformation, relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, and wellness.  While her education is extensive, it is her clients, nature’s reflection and her personal healing journey that have been the greatest teachers. Grace creates a safe nurturing space to unwind, unbind and open into wholeness and optimal wellness.

 Available by Appointment Only

(916) 541-8232

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"Dearest Grace, I am eternally grateful for your guidance and this transcending work we have done together. I was recently connecting with my experiences in your magical space, and received a message during my Higher Self Meditation that I wanted to share:

“The time on that table is found time. It is a time to find myself, gather what has been lost or given away and bring it back whole again. I am home.”

To all who know Grace, you know how incredible Grace is. To all who have yet to meet Grace, may you connect with her when it is your time."

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