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About Grace

Grace Arielle, is a Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master supporting women in healing the traumas of the past while discovering, blossoming and anchoring into their most whole healed, empowered wise divine feminine Self!


She integrates a variety of techniques in body/mind healing including somatic experiencing processes, energy work, hands on healing, massage, art therapy, aromatherapy, sound immersion, and deep presence. She has been devoted to these offerings for more than 20 years. 


Grace believes the body speaks in every moment, illuminating the roadmap to what is needed to create the breaking of old patterns, healing, growth, blossoming &  transformation. While her education is extensive, it is her clients, nature’s reflection and her personal healing journey that have been the greatest teachers. 


Grace creates a calm, safe nurturing space to heal, be vulnerable, get real and transform into more of who you are..Into All Of Who You Are!

"A Woman Who Knows And Loves Herself, Can And Will Change The World"

Grace Arielle 2008

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