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Body Wisdom & Food Sensitivities

I've been exploring the effects of the top food allergens on my body and wanted to share my experience!

What are the foods that most often arise as food allergens or sensitivities/intolerances?




✨️Peanuts/Tree Nuts




Some people have straight food allergies to these substances with strong physical reactions like hives or airways closing off. For most of us, sensitivities abound. Symptoms of food sensitivity/intolerances are milder but still have far-reaching effects.

The most prevalent are:




✨️Tummy Trouble


These "symptoms" can show up a few minutes to several hours after consumption.

Self-evaluation is simple. Look at the list and ask your body if it likes the food. If your guidance system says no elimination/reduction is wise. A scientific approach is too eliminate all potential allergens for a month and then introduce one at a time and watch for a body response. Did your nose get stuffy? Eyes puffy? Tummy bloat? Many times we have created our own intolerance for foods by eating too much of them.

This is the case with my body, being plant based I have a love for organic blue corn tortilla chips and Peanuts. They have been staples in my diet for years. My body and medical research say I overdid it so my body created a "no thanks" for corn and peanuts. Doesn't like wheat or soy either.

How do we fully enjoy life, food and keep our body responses to a minimum?

✨️Awareness of body responses

✨️Eliminate/Reduce the food

✨️if you choose to eat it and know you'll have a response-own your choice, enjoy every morsel

✨️have warm lemon water or acv after eating stuff your body doesn't like

I started an awareness journey around my body repsonse to these allergens in late April by July I had lost inches of waistline and tummy bloat and don't wake in the morning with a stuffy nose without any other diet/movement changes.

Spend a lil time conversing with your body, see what it has to say.

As always, I'm here to support your healing and wellness journey. Feel free to contact me for more info, to share or schedule a phone sesh around this topic!

Cheers to healthy happy living!



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