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Create Your Personal Blue Zone Bubble

My fascination with Blue Zone living began while watching a real estate show with my Mom about Sardinia, Italy. A few days later a Google article populated about the Blue Zones and listed Sardinia as one of those sweet spots! (I've heard there is a Blue Zone documentary on Netflix, I haven't watched it yet)

I was inspired and began pondering: Why can't I create a blue zone for myself not dependent on my geography? I can/We can!

Blue Zones are areas of the world where people seem to be living longer happier healthier lives. The primary contributing factors to Blue Zone living are:

⭐️ 95% Plant-Based based diet

⭐️ Movement including activities such as walking, gardening, mowing the lawn etc

⭐️ Strong social connections to Tribe/Family/Community

⭐️ Making money has less importance than being happy (creates less stress)

⭐️ Sunshine/Vitamin D

⭐️ 80% Rule (don't overfill the belly at mealtime)

⭐️ Spirituality

My grandparents were very Blue Zone, I think my Grandma being Italian brought many of these components into my life. Both of my grandparents, walked daily into their mid-90s, ate small meals, bigger meat-centered meals on Sundays surrounded by family, had a small sweet treat after dinner, they were family-centered, we walked six blocks to the grocery store and carried bags of groceries back (strength training a la natural) they were in the yard daily doing little projects and tending the plants, had spiritual beliefs and as my Grandma always said, "Water is the best drink on the planet." She drank lemon water in the evenings. I'm so grateful for the lessons I learned from them growing up.

So how to create a personal Blue Zone lifestyle? Begin to adapt some of the key factors into your weekly or daily life. Do you need more social connections? Need to change up your movement habits? Eat less meat? Deepen into spiritual practice? More sunshine?

Personally, I've adopted and live most of these already. I'm looking at the 80% Rule (I see I've been filling my belly at meals with a bit more than I need) and my movement (I'm adding more gardening, yoga for flexibility and connection to spirit and walks) as needing adjustment as I create my personal Blue Zone Bubble.

Wherever we live geographically, we can adopt the mindset and ways of living of the Blue Zone!

Wishing you health and happiness as you create your own Blue Zone Bubble.



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