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Pathways to Healing

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Integrative Healing Massage

Get Embodied! Integrative Healing Massage sessions rebalance the effects of modern-day stressors, physical imbalance, injury, and trauma leading to more health and vitality includes a customized combination of bodywork, energywork, therapeutic grade essential oils, breathwork & sound healing. Experience deep healing, relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels.

Reiki/Chakra Balancing

 Through gentle healing touch, we have the opportunity to access and connect to the deepest part of ourselves. From this dynamic still place healing, integration, and peace abound. (See our blog article "What is Reiki")

Heart Centered Counseling

Beyond the words a client speaks there is a vibrational frequency emanating from the higher self which is pure truth. Through the practice of deep compassionate listening all is revealed.


Schedule a Heart Centered Intuitive Counseling session and glean new clarity and awareness into Self, life and those places, relationships, ways of thinking that cause you anxiety, fear and less happiness than you deserve. We end with some energy balancing.

Crystal Clarity Awaits


These sessions are available exclusively by phone and are 90 minutes in duration

Soma Soul Trauma Healing

Soma Soul Trauma Healing is a holistic individualized feminine embodied approach to healing as trauma is multi faceted and as unique as the woman who has chosen a return to wholeness. 


The spirit is indomitable and always whole no matter what the mind, body and heart has experienced. Part of healing is to tap into this truth. 


Within these sessions we explore the effects/aftereffects of trauma on your life, body, relationships, money, self talk, intimacy and then we alchemize, transcend and return to wholeness.  


These sessions are available exclusively by phone and are 90 minutes in duration.

Integrative Healing
Heart Centered
Soma Soul



60 minutes $120

90 minutes $150

An invitation to receive frequently...Come once a month or more and receive $20 off each session. 

60 minutes $100
  90 minutes $130

Three sliding scale appointments are available monthly, ask if you need one. Healing is for Everyone! 

Gift Certificates Available


Referral Program
Referrals are so appreciated. Refer a fri
end and receive $30 off your next session 

Cancelation Policy
50% cancelation fee 24 hours or less prior to appt time at my discretion.

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