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Pathways to Healing

Integrative Healing

Get Embodied! Integrative Healing sessions rebalance the effects of modern-day stressors, physical imbalance, injury, and trauma leading to more health and vitality includes a customized combination of bodywork, energywork, therapeutic grade essential oils, breathwork & sound healing. Experience deep healing, relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels.

Trauma Healing

A blending of services as appropriate to create a safe, nurturing environment to heal, explore, grow and reconnect to the authentic power, vitality and pleasure that is your birthright.

Reiki/Chakra Balancing


Through gentle healing touch, we have the opportunity to access and connect to the deepest part of ourselves. From this dynamic still place healing, integration, and peace abound. (See our blog article "What is Reiki")

Transformation by Design

 These powerful sessions are usually about 2 hours via phone or in person and Include identifying area of focus, journal prompts, alchemizing patterns/thought/emotions, gleening insight and creating a new thought highway.  The last portion of the session is energy balancing/peace activation. Via Phone or In Person 


Transcend Trauma

Turn your trauma and its aftereffects into treasured gold. There is so much richness and strength that comes from the dive into how past trauma animates and expresses in the present.  These are approximately 2 hour sessions with one or two focus areas.  These sessions are highly individualized and may include a combination of choosing focal area, journal prompts, body awareness processes, art therapy, somatic release techniques, alchemy (shifting the internal narrative) The last portion of the session is breathwork, sound & an energy balancing/peace activation.





60 minutes $100

75 minutes $115

90 minutes $130

The Multi Session Self Care Program

($20 off each session with the purchase of 3 or 6 sessions)

  One Hour x 3 = $240

75 minutes x 3 = $285

90 minutes x 3 = $330

90 minutes x 6 = $660

Gift Certificates Available


Cancelation Policy
50% cancelation fee 24 hours or less prior to appt time at my discretion.

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