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Heal, Grow, Bloom
Live Life in Full Bloom

Welcome! Our offerings are consciously woven to support women in coming home to their bodies (embodiment), healing, growing, and blooming!


Therapeutic massage, reiki, trauma healing sessions and heart-centered counseling cultivate Relaxation, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Acceptance, Peace, and Empowerment. Lessen anxiety, depression, toxins, pain, discomfort, negativity & fear.


Wild Rose Women's Gatherings are an opportunity for women to gather, connect and grow in a safe supportive group environment.


All offerings are powerful pathways to heal, grow, bloom & connect.

"A Woman Who Knows And Loves Herself, Can And Will Change The World"

Grace Arielle 2008


I'm so appreciative of the impacts that Reiki sessions with you have had, Grace! Forever

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