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Creating Our Reality Through Intention

Our thoughts shape our experience of life, as well as what we manifest for ourselves.

Intention is the driving force behind the creation of our reality, both personally and universally. When we choose to be clear about our intent (desires), this driving force gains power and momentum.

The root word origin of intention lies in the Latin intendre meaning in- “towards” and tendre –“stretch”. An ancient metaphorical meaning is to “direct or stretch one’s inner thought towards something”. Determining what to direct ourselves toward is the first step in Consciously Creating.

One way of determining and thus creating a clear intent is to get quiet, and within the stillness ask: What is my hearts’ desire? Ego may respond quickly and loudly to this question, as ego often attempts to dominate our thoughts wanting more, more, and more. When we remain still and continue listening, a softer voice emerges. This is the voice of our heart, whispering our deepest desires. The roots of these desires seldom have anything to do with attaining material items. Most often, the heart softly urges us to express ourselves more fully in the world, to share our gifts, talents and wisdom in some way. With the knowledge of our hearts’ desire, a clear intention can be formed.

Creating an intention is akin to planting a seed in the mind. For the seed to grow (manifest) it must be nourished regularly for optimal results. Some ways to nourish and energize intent are:

  1. Think about the intention often or create a key phrase or metaphor and repeat it several times a day. Creating a visual representation, like a treasure map to energize your intent.

  2. Allow yourself to feel emotions as if your intent has already manifested. Get comfortable with these joyous emotions.

  3. Imagine how manifesting your intention will allow you to express more of who you are in the world.

As we focus the mind, body and spirit in support of our intent, life takes on new meaning. We begin to live life “on purpose” as if we are on a mission. From a place of conscious creation, life becomes exhilarating, exciting and energized. This is the creative flow within you and within the universe rising to the occasion and fueling the intention. Miraculous things begin to happen. The possibilities are limitless.

If challenge arises in either creating a positive intention or taking action on one, there may be negative beliefs, fears or thoughts “blocking” the way. If you observe any negative thought processes, immediately replace them with positive ones. Healing or counseling sessions may also be helpful in releasing or changing these perceived “blocks”. Once the negativity is released, our mind is free to pursue our positive intention.

The reality we choose to create affects our life as well as everyone and everything. When we choose to create reality from our heart center, each day is filled with purpose, meaning, empowerment, awesome beauty and gratitude.

I invite you to create some quiet, still time today and listen to the voice of your heart. What is your Hearts’ Desire? Have fun creating!!!

Copyright Harmony Grace Productions

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