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Heal, Grow, Bloom

Welcome to Wild Rose Women's Wellness! So happy to support you on your healing and wellness journey. 

Heal Like a tightly wrapped bud safe and gathering its resources, a cocoon is woven around you as you sink deeply into the tender center of unhealed places where transformation awaits...body, mind & spirit.


Grow Like a rose stretching towards the sun the body relaxes and opens, more compassionate thoughts emerge, new perceptions light the way to new ways of BEING.


Bloom Like a rose in full Bloom. You become fully embodied, at peace, clear, forgiveness happens, you live alight & devoted to caring for & nourishing the feminine Self in all ways. 

All offerings are powerful pathways to heal, grow, bloom & connect.


I guide women into connecting with their deep feminine knowing supporting them in relaxing into more embodied ways of being mind, body & spirit through integrative healing, massage, reiki, heart centered counseling & trauma healing.


Select an offering to discover your healing pathway.

Integrative Healing Massage

Integrative Healing

Reiki/Chakra Balancing

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

Heart Centered Counseling

Heart Centered Counseling
Experiencing Grace
Purple Flower
"I have already recommended you to 3 people and won’t stop there! You are a true healer and I can’t wait to book with you again!!”
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