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What is Reiki?


The power and importance of touch has been documented for eons and eons...In our modern world positive touch is essential for health and well being.

We instinctively know that touch is healing our hand and will a part of the body that has just been bumped or bruised or perhaps someone we know is feeling sad and we put a gentle hand on their shoulder to uplift them or better yet we give that person a hug. There is tremendous healing power in a hug!

Reiki is a system of healing originating in Japan in the 19th century. Reiki is passed on to students through a series of attunements from a Reiki Master teacher. The practice itself consists of the transmitting of healing energy through the hands. Reiki is not based on any particular belief, faith, by definition Reiki means REI = all that is KI = life force energy. So Reiki is really a connection to the creative vital energy of the universe.

Reiki can be utilized for both self-healing and the healing of others. Both children and adults can benefit from this therapeutic touch.

The healing possibilities through Reiki are limitless as healing happens on many levels with this system. This laying on of hands can assist in the release of stored emotion, worries, fears and tension. In working with the physical body, Reiki boosts the bodys’ innate self healing abilities.

As individuals move through the healing of past traumas (emotional, physical, sexual, mental) Reiki helps balance mood and energy. Reiki sessions also support us in maintaining a sense of balance as we let go of old patterns, behaviors and habits.

***A Reiki session or treatment is completely gentle and non-invasive and can be done in either a sitting or lying position with the recipient remaining fully clothed making Reiki an excellent modality for children, the elderly and everyone in between. The practitioner may follow a specific protocol of hand positions or work intuitively depending on the nature and focus of the session. As the practitioner brings through healing energy the recipient may experience warmth and or tingling sensations on a physical level. Most people experience a deep sense of peace and well being during and after a Reiki session.

***Through gentle healing touch we have the opportunity to access and connect to the deepest parts of ourselves. Supporting ourselves in releasing the past, being fully present in the moment and filled with joy and vitality for the future. These are the GIFTS of REIKI.

Wishing you all LOVE, LIGHT and HAPPINESS in the coming year.

Copyright Harmony Grace Productions

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