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"Grace is the gift that I never knew I needed. I have experienced so much healing and growth as a result of the work that we have done together. I was able to come back from some pretty serious illnesses. I’m grateful every day for all the love and support I receive while in her care.”

“When you have lower back pain, stress on your shoulders, your chakras out of wack, low energy, need spiritual advice…who you gonna call? I book an appointment with @visions.of.grace thank you for Grace!”

“Grace is a living embodiment of universal energy - working with her is like bathing in a perfume-scented river. Yet, she is strong - she will go with you to those scary, thorny places inside and help you release them. She is truly wise. Sh has helped me to overcome many obstacles through her energy healings and phone conversations - I have gone deeper than I could have without her.”

“Today I was given an amazing massage by @visions.of.grace. She really took her time in massaging all areas that needed attention. She has the magic touch and I am so thankful for her. I will be coming back!”

"I have already recommended you to 3 people and won’t stop there! You are a true healer and I can’t wait to book with you again!!”

@visions.of.grace is my go to for massage. She helps this body feel better and energetically knows what’s going on with her (my body). I’m so thankful for her amazing services and I recommend her to anyone and everyone I know looking for a massage! And I just love her energy healing and residing of my body. I feel she is truly connected and I leave feeling amazing every time.”

"I'm so appreciative of the impacts that Reiki sessions with you have had, Grace! Forever"

"Relaxed restful at peace, and ready to face life."

"Sweet Peace, Body Balance."

"You don’t know your body until you have had a massage."

"I look forward to feeling so comfortable in my body following my massage time with Grace."

"My massage/reiki session with Grace was profound In addition to the physical movements of energy, I feel spiritual shifts happening as well."

"A nice calm escape from the day to day stresses."

"Grace has been a life saver to my body, Today, I am open to loving myself."

"This morning was all about rushing until I came in for my massage.  All tied up in knots Grace soothed my mind and body into total relaxation."

"Thank you for sharing your healing gifts with me.  I now have more to share in my life from the time focused inwardly."

"I am more enlightened each time. I love the energy work and feel great after each session"

"Dearest Grace, I am eternally grateful for your guidance and this transcending work we have done together. I was recently connecting with my experiences in your magical space, and received a message during my Higher Self Meditation that I wanted to share:

“The time on that table is found time. It is a time to find myself, gather what has been lost or given away and bring it back whole again. I am home.”

To all who know Grace, you know how incredible Grace is. To all who have yet to meet Grace, may you connect with her when it is your time."

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