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Embodied Wellness

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Both embodiment and wellness have become super popularized buzz words.  Together they make a dynamic duo. 

What is the experience of wellness embodied?  Embodiment is an idea that is given visible form.  Wellness defined is the state of being healthy in body and mind. 

Foundationally, wellness embodied is wellness made manifest and visible in physical form. While wellness of mind is made visible when peace and positivity are primary thought emanations.

When we choose the path of Embodied Wellness, we are intending to allow our entire body and mind to be inhabited by health and wellness. 

There are many paths that lead us towards the embodiment of wellness.  One of the most powerful ways to begin is with a personal promise to listen and honor the bodies signals and messages. Another potent path consists of mild cleansing and detoxifying which aids the bodies natural ability to clear residual toxins and create an environment where wellness and balance can flourish.  Meditation (the ability to still and quiet the mind) and the act of positive self talk are big players on the path to wellness embodied mind. 

The roadmap and path to Embodied Wellness is different for everyone. Whatever your path, enjoy the journey!

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