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Plastic Detox

Life is so intrinsically interconnected. When we do what is good for our planet, we do good for our bodies. I’ve spent the last few months making refinements and expanding the eco-consciousness  that has been alive within me for as long as I can remember  Before, being plant based and eco friendly was cool, we were called…hippie peace freak tree huggers. Part of my refinements have been less plastic use, replacing plastic with glass or cloth and I’ve become committed to using products I can have refilled in reusable containers. 

It’s Plastic Free July which is a movement created by the Plastic Free Foundation to move towards “a world free of plastic waste”  with a strong focus on diminishing the use of single use plastics. (oh, how the waterways and aquatic life would love this!) 

The use of plastics goes beyond its less than desirable effects on the planet. Studies indicate plastic is filled with chemicals toxic to the human body. When these toxin loads get too heavy they can and often create behavioral changes, hormonal imbalances and illness. 

While reducing or eliminating plastic is the most powerful way to avoid the absorption of these toxins leeched by plastic. We can also help our bodies purge the accumulation of toxins. A few gentle ways to cleanse are eating more cruciferous vegetables, take infrared saunas or adding the herbs like milk thistle or dandelion root which give the liver a boost in processing the toxins.

Check out for ideas on how to make changes to lessen plastic waste in your world. 

Mother Earth and your body thanks you

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