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Workshops, Walkabouts & Retreats

Come Get Connected To Your True Nature Through Nature!

Exploring Body Image / Self Image Sierra Hot Springs
Coming Soon!

Sierra Hot Springs is located at the cusp of an enchanted forest and a beautiful alpine valley. It has been regarded as a sacred healing place for centuries.  The stillness and tranquility are palatable.  We will gather in circle creating a safe container to explore our beliefs surrounding body & self-image. This is an easy to moderate 3 miles and opportunity to soak in the hot springs.

A Celebration of Self Half Moon Bay
Coming Soon!

A day of renewal, playfulness and re connection!  The ocean waves nurture us as we walk along the shore in silence, breathing in the vast expansiveness of life itself that the meeting of sky and sea so often brings.  In circle, we will explore our inner beauty, creativity, gifts and strengths as women and then magnify them. Our day will conclude with a healing ceremony for the planet. This is approximately 3 miles round-trip.

Rejuvenate Women's Retreats
Coming Soon!

Perhaps a whole weekend retreat of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and connecting to other women on the path into self is what your intuitive knowing calls you to.  We are here for you on your journey.

Come Let Nature Be Your Healer!

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