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Image by Timothy Eberly

Detoxification & Cleansing Services 

Body Brushing

Body Brushing has many health and beauty benefits. It promotes circulation and improves blood flow, stimulates glands, increases lymphatic flow to move various toxins out of the body, awakens nerve endings which elicits a relaxation response through the central nervous system, tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin tone and clarity. This is a great way to begin and strengthen an detox or cleansing program.

30 minutes $35 or $25 as an add on to any other service.

Detox Massage

Relax as your body gently lets go of impurities and toxins. Detox Massage is a customized massage that includes belly massage focused on gently supporting the digestive and all belly organs in detoxing, releasing tension and boosting functioning. Special detox oils and hot herb packs are used in this unique session.

Ionic Foot Detox

This is a gentle way to support your body in releasing toxicity. Ionic Foot Detox baths boost the bodies natural cleansing ability with negative ionization & sea salt. Soaks purge heavy metals, helps balance pH level, reduces inflammation, purges yeast, detoxifies the liver, internally cleanses and enhances the immune system

40 minutes $45 

Or add 15 minute massage or reiki during the foot detox for $60 

Cellulite Flush Massage

Ready to feel more light and inner glow? During this energizing treatment, we utilize specially formulated gels, oils and brushes to support the dissolving and flushing of cellulite.

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