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Womb Bloom

Come create more womb connection to magnify health & creative vitality!

We will be attending to both the physical female organs and the energetic patterning through the Sacral Chakra. 

Our time together includes: 

Womb Speak (journal, share)

Womb Heal (releasing practices)

Womb Bloom (opening to true desire)


Why we take this time to connect:

The Womb is affected adversely by:

 Our thoughts about being a woman

 How we were introduced or not into menstruation

Abortion and miscarriage

 Inappropriate or trauma-inducing sexual experiences

Not allowing the flow of creatively

Use of contraceptives that control the natural rhythms

 Environmental toxins

When we go against our own "knowing"

 Come to the wombshop and find out more


Join us to Heal and Create A New Relationship to Your Most Creative Feminine Self.

Where: At her Elevated

1900 S Street, Sacramento


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