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massage & healing services

Regular holistic massage and healing sessions rebalance the effects of modern-day stressors, physical imbalances, injury, and trauma leading to more health and vitality.

Transformational Bodywork 

Sessions include an integration of techniques to best meet the needs of the client. In these sessions, we have the opportunity to clear stagnant energy, thought patterns and emotions while opening the bodies pathway to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels. 


Through gentle healing touch we have the opportunity to access and connect to the deepest part of ourselves.  From this dynamic still place healing, integration and peace abound. (See our blog article "What is Reiki")

Immunity Boost Aromatherapy Massage

This is a customized massage with a focus on supporting the strengthening of the immune system. Immunity enhancing essential oils such as rosemary, oregano, lemon, tea tree and frankincense are used throughout the session to aid in clearing respiratory and sinus constrictions.

Mood Lifter Aromatherapy Massage

During this invigorating Lomi Hawaiian style massage, “happy oils” are used to support energization, rejuvenation and mood enhancement. “Happy oils” such as lemon, bergamot, mint & ylang ylang are applied to lift the spirit! 

Detox Massage

Relax as your body gently lets go of impurities and toxins. Detox Massage is a customized massage that includes belly massage focused on gently supporting the digestive and all belly organs in detoxing, releasing tension and boosting functioning. Special detox oils and hot herb packs are used in this unique session.

Cellulite Flush Massage

Ready to feel more light and inner glow? During this energizing treatment, we utilize specially formulated gels, oils and brushes to support the dissolving and flushing of cellulite.

CBD Massage

The CBD massage is a customized session integrating the anti inflammatory and healing powers of CBD lotion.

Chakra Balancing

The chakras refer to the subtle energy body that is interwoven with our physical body. Chakra health impacts us both physically and spiritually.  We will call upon simple techniques to connect to the chakras and cleanse away stagnant residual energies.  Chakra Balancing clears the way for more vitality, inner peace, creative flow, radiance and a healthier you.

Trauma Healing

A blending of services as appropriate to create a safe, nurturing environment to heal, explore, grow and reconnect to the authentic power, vitality and pleasure that is your birthright.


Heart Centered Counseling

Become crystal clear. From a heart centered space; truth, new awareness and insight emerge naturally. A clear intention is created at the beginning of every session which guides the flow of our time together.

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